Sparkled / 3D Cat Eye / Cross Line / Leather / Silk Texture PVC Cold Lamination Film for Photo Decoration

Short Description:

● Width: 0.61/0.914/1.07/1.27/1.52m;

● Length: 50m.

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Cold lamination film is made of transparent PVC with adhesive backing, and is mounted on the printed image by hand or cold laminating machine to avoid scratching, contamination or wetting of the image, and to protect the image, while enhancing the texture of the image and having 3D effect.


Texture Film Liner
Sparkle 80 mic 170g
3D Cat Eye 80 mic 170g
Cross Line 80 mic 170g
Leather 80 mic 170g
Silk 80 mic 170g


It can be widely used for wedding photos, oil painting, calligraphy, outdoor posters, advertisements, all kinds of pictures, documents, materials, etc.;

Applied advertising campaigns, architectural decoration effects, background decoration, etc; Protect and increase the effect of printing image.


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