Why Choose Sustainable Packaging?

Sustainable-packaging refers to packaging products made of environmentally friendly materials, recyclable and degradable packaging materials. Environmentally friendly packaging is a green packaging method, which has many advantages. First of all, environmentally friendly packaging reduces the consumption of natural resources, and at the same time reduces pollution and waste generation. In addition, the use of environmentally friendly packaging can also improve the market competitiveness of products and increase consumers' recognition and trust in products. Therefore, more and more companies are beginning to adopt environmentally friendly packaging to meet the requirements of sustainable development, and at the same time convey a sense of responsibility and environmental awareness to consumers.

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Application fields of sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging can be applied in a variety of fields, including:

● Food industry: Using environmentally friendly paper bags, environmentally friendly plastic bags, and degradable plastic bags to package food can reduce pollution and waste of resources, while maintaining the freshness of food.

● Game industry: Using environmentally friendly materials to make game boxes can improve the image and recognition of game brands.

● Medical industry: Using degradable plastics and paper to package medical bottles, pharmaceutical packaging, etc. can ensure the hygiene and safety of products and reduce environmental pollution.

● Daily necessities industry: Packaging daily necessities, such as cosmetics, shampoo, shower gel, etc., with environmentally friendly materials can not only protect the quality and aesthetics of the products, but also reduce environmental pollution.

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Economic prospects for sustainable packaging

The economic prospects of sustainable packaging are very broad. With the continuous improvement of global environmental protection awareness, more and more enterprises and consumers begin to pay attention to environmental protection and seek more sustainable packaging materials and products. Therefore, promoting the use of environmentally friendly packaging has the following economic advantages:

● Cost reduction: Since environmentally friendly packaging materials usually use special materials such as lightweight, recyclable, and degradable materials, the manufacturing cost will be lower than traditional packaging materials;

● Increase market competitiveness: the use of environmentally friendly packaging can improve product image, quality and recognition, so as to meet the growing consumer demand and improve market competitiveness;

● Compliance with laws and regulations: In some countries and regions, the government strengthens the formulation of environmental laws and regulations and encourages enterprises to use environmentally friendly packaging materials, so the use of environmentally friendly packaging is also in line with government policies.

At the same time, environmentally friendly packaging also helps to improve the corporate social responsibility and image, attract more investors and consumers, and promote sustainable corporate development.

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In recent years, with the changes in the ecological environment, "plastic reduction", "plastic restriction", "plastic ban" and "carbon neutrality" have become hot spots in the market, and environmentally friendly recyclable materials have also been constantly developing and innovating. Based on the development trend of the functional composite material industry towards environmental protection, FULAI New Materials started to develop a series of water-based pre-coated packaging products for the market, helping to achieve the goals of environmental protection and carbon neutrality.

Post time: Jun-16-2023